experiments: creating rituals for creating space

I try new experiments in my life all the time. Sometimes they work the first time, and they become part of my life forever. Sometimes they crash and burn, and I try them three or four more times until I'm finally convinced I need a new approach. Sometimes, the third or fourth time is the charm.

I used to be embarrassed about my constant tinkering with life, and now I'm embracing it and putting my experiments here beginning in January of 2018. (Big hat tip to David of Raptitude, whose experiment-sharing inspired me to share my own. His blog is fabulous. Highly recommended.)

ritual experiment 1: early-ass waking up

I'll wake up by 4:30 a.m. every Monday through Friday. I'll wake up by 5:30 a.m. on weekends. Note: this necessarily means going to bed earlier. Read about it.

ritual experiment 2: outsourcing my exercise and eating decisions

I've actually been doing this for several months, but I'm making it official here. I signed up for a program with an embarrassing name, and I'm doing what my coach tells me. Read about it.

ritual experiment 3: email!

I’ll clear out my inbox and then process twice a day. No checking. Just processing. Read about it.

ritual experiment 4: the mostly dumbphone

No notifications. No internet. No email. Read about it.