can you make it all stop?

Today, you could try this. For just five minutes. Try this:


Shut off every avenue of external input you can think of.

Turn off your cell phone. Don't silence it. Turn it off.

Unplug your landline, if you have one.

Disable the internet connection on your computer. Or even better, shut the computer down.

Put a Do Not Disturb sign on your door.

And turn off the TV, the iPadPodWatch, and any other magical input machine you have. Like the newspaper.


And leave it all off for five minutes.

In the middle of the day.

Or at the end before you go home.

Or right now, right at this point in reading this post.


I don't care what you do during your five minutes.

You could meditate or stretch or mindmap or eat a burger.

You could write a letter or think mean thoughts or cry.

You could sit there and stare at the skin on the back of your left hand.


What does it feel like to have everything just stop?

What does it feel like to power down?

Don't guess how you would feel. Try it. Really. Do.


Do you feel relieved?

Do you feel just a small sting of panic?

If the answer is yes--yes to relief or yes to panic or yes to both--you are not alone.