i love

part five in a week-long series all about the rituals of being friends.

installment nine || elmo's diner in durham

elmo's diner in durham, i love you


because i was scarfing down your french fries the time j + k + i talked about the unconditional love we have for each other (and j creeped us out talking about bones).


because i was drinking your decaf coffee the time g + t + i nattered on about religion-related things and stuff.


because i was having your side salad with extra thousand island the time m + g told me with a gleam in their eyes about their visionary plans way before they actually happened.


because i was eating your chilaquiles the time b had tears in her eyes before she took a big leap.


because i was standing in your crazy crowded waiting area on a sunday morning with a the time the line between friendship and more-than-friendship was blurring.


because i have no idea what i was eating the time what used to be 11 of us (and had grown to 19 with kiddos and a new husband) all went out together for lunch.


because i was lingering over your huevos rancheros the time t + i had an incredible conversation about creating a new model for theatre in the triangle.


because my legs were curled up under me in one of your booths with m the time he made a momentous long-distance drive to see one of our shows.


because i have had three different beverages in front of me at one of your tables for so many hours with so many friends so many times.  and you have never once suggested that we hurry it up.