my phone is not a camera

2019-0719 OBT_Blog Post_not a camera.jpeg

Something is wrong with the camera on my phone. It’s blurry. So blurry you can’t make out anything in the image.

So I can’t take pictures with my phone.

Which has been (mostly) wonderful.

First--and I want to say this right off the bat—my fella’s phone does have a working camera, and he does generally have his phone with him, and I do borrow every once in a while it to take photos, including the one you see up at the top there.

So I’m not completely phone-camera free.

But since my own phone hasn’t had a camera for a couple of months now, I’ve realized how often photo-taking was the reason I pulled my phone out.

A lot.

And I’m not even a “picture person,” as my in-laws say.

And I’m not on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

And I’m not texting these days.

So I was really surprised: Not having a camera on my phone cut down the number of times I pulled that sucker out. Significantly.

And then I was surprised again: By not getting out my phone to take a picture, I cut out a lot of the random phone checks I had been doing, too. Because I wasn’t already looking at my phone to take a photo, it didn’t occur to me to check as often.

And then I was surprised yet again: When I didn’t check as often, I started to feel the need to check even less often.

Noticeably less.

Which has felt good. Especially these last few weeks, on three different travels with three different parts of our family. Long stretches of time when I haven’t even thought about the existence of my phone.

I love taking photos. And I really like looking at photos, too.

But I don’t like holding my phone all the time. And I don’t like having my kid see me holding my phone all the time. And actually I don’t want other people to see me holding my phone all the time, either.

So I’m thinking about getting a separate camera.

One that isn’t also the most intense communication device in the history of humankind.

Side note: I love you. Or maybe that’s not a side note at all. It’s the main thing, actually.