what's keeping you from moving forward?

2017-0805 OBT_Blog Post_moving forward.jpg

We just switched accounting systems at one of the nonprofits I help lead.


Don't go anywhere. I promise this post isn't really about accounting systems.

It's about how this afternoon, I found myself down some rabbit hole of the help tab, trying to wade through forum answers to get rid of relic budget lines. I did find the answer eventually: unbilled activity that was keeping those old lines active, in case you're dying to know. Someone checked a box saying that an amount should be billed to someone, and it never was.

In 2001. This tiny little checkmark on about 15 items from 17 years ago was keeping our bookkeeper from being able to move forward with a clean budget in 2018.

I was a little delirious from the weird thrill of figuring it out after spending a long-ass time in a seriously tedious search. And I was thinking about where I was in 2001. Before I moved back to North Carolina. Before my dad died. Before I met my husband. Before I directed this project. Before I knew these beloved friends. Before before before.

I wondered: what did I leave open in 2001? What open loop is someone somewhere closing for me? (Thank you, whoever you are.)

What plan or task or idea am I still carrying around--however tucked away it may be--from 20, 10, 5 years ago? Last year?

And how is that preventing me from moving forward now?

If you are always learning to get out of your own way, you are not alone.

PS: With bizarre synchronicity, a creative project from 2001 resurfaced in my world recently, too. I'm looking forward to telling you about that real soon.