weeks and months and years

2018-0707 OBT_Blog Post_weeks months years.jpeg


we hold on to our children

grip tightly hold the line create a container

that is secure

we know we are doing right by them



we let go

take a deep breath loosen our hold watch them leap

on their own

we know the time is right


most times

we are somewhere in between

holding on with one hand letting go with the other

wrapping them in cautions and considerations while we let them run

hoping like hell the container we choose is the right size for the right moment



we know right away

they catch the wind

or they don't

we were right

or we missed the mark


most times

we are working in the dark searching for the breadcrumbs yelling at the screen in the biggest big game

and waiting

waiting and

steadily building the net

with weeks and months and years

of small decisions to hold on

to let go