will you tell me your stories of envy?

2018-0714 OBT_Blog Post_stories of envy.jpg

I was scared out of my mind when I shared this piece on comparing, competing, and creating (and envy and jealousy) three years ago.

There was a loud voice in my head telling me that everyone would think I was a horrible person for having those feelings--and an embarrassing person for saying them out loud. The part of me that thought surely I couldn't be the only one was just barely strong enough to hang in there, tugging at me until I finally just said Screw It and pressed publish.

That piece is still in the top three most read and shared writings on onebrokenteapot.

Since I published that writing--and shared I'd like to embrace the idea that there is room for all of us--I've gone on a long journey with envy, competing, and comparing. Envy and I, we've traveled to some dark places together, even with that magical realization I had. But I've also made some real progress with envy, and I'm interested in talking about it again.

I need your help. I know my own competing and comparing stories inside and out. I'm tired of those suckers. Good lord.

Would you spend five minutes telling me yours?

This is completely anonymous through a special form. I won't know who you are. You can use fake names like Agatha Shimmerpants or Treewaddle or Friend 1. You can change yesterday to three years ago. You can rest assured that I am not collecting your email address.

If you've got more than one moment to share, you can do this form as many times as you care to unburden yourself.

I'm planning to write a little more about envy soon, and I'll use your input to shape that writing. If I use parts or pieces of your story, I'll disguise them even one step further than you do.

Thank you for trusting me with your stuff. Thank you for gifting me five minutes of your time to share them. Thank you for reminding me--every week--that I am not alone.

Here's the link to share your compare-compete-envy-jealousy moments.