the power of questions (especially in times of change)

2018-0507 OBT_Blog_Questions.jpg

I am a great believer in questions.

Any art I make begins with a whole bunch of questions.

All the coaching I do begins with questions.

The biggest shifts I've seen in my relationships have come from remembering to ask questions.

Recently, Tamara Kissane of Artist Soapbox asked me some questions in a podcast interview. And her questions were supposed to spark a conversation between us that would be useful to folks who listen to the podcast. I hope that happened. Here's the link to the podcast episode because I'd love for you to listen and let me know.

But also, the questions helped me. They helped me clarify some things that have been swirling with me for a while now. That's what good questions do.

One of those things is this: Since I started onebrokenteapot four years ago, I've been moving steadily toward a specific kind of work with people and with organizations. It's the work of using story in transitions--in big new efforts, small critical shifts, in the intensity of changing from one way of being to a new way of being. I am loving it.

If you're standing in one place, and you know it's time to make a leap over to that new place across the way, I am thinking of you. If you're waist-deep in the joy and muck of change, you are in my heart. If you are landing in new territory, and you're trying to get your bearings, I love you.

And you are not alone.