letting go: an experiment in outsourcing my food and exercise decisions

So here's the name of the exercise and eating program my husband and I have been doing. I bet you've heard of it. It's called Beachbody.

I am now hiding under the covers in total embarrassment because truly that name is so gross. It's so embarrassing to me that when high school friends came over on New Year's Day this year, I seriously considered hiding the evidence. And here I am freaking posting about it as an experiment on my website.  

I am having second thoughts right now, while I type this.

I'm needing to remind myself why I'm writing about this: 

Because it's such a great example of doing an experiment that is totally outside your identity. (I do not do exercise in my living room at home. I do not fit in 30 minutes of exercise every day. I do not use containers to measure food. And I sure as hell do not do a program called Beachbody because I am 43 years old and know enough to know that's ridiculous.) 

Because trying to fit in self-care is one thing that seems to consistently overwhelm so many of us.

Because I'm curious about outsourcing decisions instead of needing to be a self-made expert in everything.

Because I said I would. In writing. On this blog. Damn.

Alright, this is sort of a mid-experiment experiment log because I've been doing this off and on since the fall. I wish so much that I had written a log of when I first started because it would have very different.

BUT! For a million different reasons from flu flu flu to husband's-graduate-school-final-semester to huge-work-stuff-for-me, we mostly stopped the exercise part for a couple of months in there. So while this isn't the very start, it is a re-start. Which is hard enough.

You can find a little more background about why I started this in the first place plus the daily log here, and I'll keep it for going for 21 days. I'm almost 2 weeks into it right now.

I'm just pressing play. And eating what's on the list. Mostly.