one empty space

Sometimes I find myself feeling overwhelmed again, hemmed in by circumstance or my own choices.

If that happens to you, here's a tiny thing you can do on the outside to open a window for your insides:

Find a small space in your home or your office that you can clear out completely.

Please don't panic or make this into another project for your to do list. I'm talking littletinysmall here:  A drawer, a section of a drawer, a shelf, one quarter of a shelf. Maybe a nightstand or chair that usually has stuff on it.

Make it empty.

Leave it like that.

If others in your house or your work try to fill it up, clear it again. And again. (With kindness.)

For a week. Maybe two weeks. Maybe two years. See how it feels.

Gently, quietly (even secretly) safeguard this new little physical space you've just made. 

And let it remind you to safeguard other kinds of space.

If all our spaces are filled up with the stuff of yesterday, and even the stuff of today, there's no room for what comes next.