the glow stick plan

What's the most best wonderful vacation we can take with these days and this money that will be just the rightest balance of fun and simple? What's the most best wonderful thing we can do with this weekend time that makes us feel like we are doing life the perfectly rightest for our family?  When is the most best indulgent-est time I could treat myself and eat this Chapel Hill Toffee?


A scene from a recent Sunday afternoon . . .

"Mama, can we do my glow stick now?"

"Well, sweetheart, it's not dark yet. Don't you want to wait until it's dark?"

"No, I want to do it now."

"Let's wait. When it's dark, then it's really fun because you can see it glow so much better."

"Please, can we do it now?"

"We'll do it later. Let's do it later."

. . .

The next morning . . .

"Mama, let's do the glow stick! Can we do it now?"

"Oh, we forgot last night when it was dark, didn't we? Want to do it tonight?"

"No, I want to do it now."

"I'm sorry, babe. It's not dark right now."

"But we could go in the bathroom and turn off the lights and put a towel at the bottom of the door so no light gets in."

"Well, we could, but then we'd just be in the bathroom.  When it's dark, you can have more room to play with it."

. . .

30 minutes later . . .

Mama accidentally steps on the glow stick, which has been left in the middle of the kitchen floor. She hears it crack and looks down to see that it has, indeed, started to glow. It will not be glowing when it gets dark tonight. Mama swears quietly.

. . .

Not too long after that . . .

"Hey, kiddo? Do you want to do the glow stick in the bathroom now?"


Mama and daughter proceed to have the most best, hilarious, fun time. Mama is amazed at how awesome glow stick dancing in a dark bathroom at 10 in the morning can be. Mama is once again reminded that she is a "maximizer" by habit, and that's something she's still trying to let go before she  imprints it too firmly on her small child.

Because it's way more fun (and way less stressful) to let go of doing the most best super-glowiest glow stick plan and just dance around with that sucker in a mostly dark bathroom because that's plenty fun enough for you.