priority, even now

2016-1208 OBT_Blog Post_Photo_the big stuff 1.jpg

A few days ago, I had an ultrasound because my doctor had found an unfamiliar bump in my breast. I got the best possible news: It must have been a cyst, and all is well and clear and healthy.

I am feeling about as lucky as can be. And still, I have not fully shaken the feeling, the compressed fear, I was quietly carrying in the in-between weeks.

If you are worrying about something very personal, and you're trying to navigate the logistics of that worry while you do So Many Other Things, know this: It's okay to prioritize the big stuff--the care-giving, the care-getting--even at this time of year, even with so much else in the world that is important, too.

I love you, and you are not alone.