instead of grocery shopping

Last week, when we missed our meal making time for the week, I opened up the freezer. It took 10 minutes to sort through, and we put together family dinners four nights in a row from the stuff in there.

They weren't impressive dinners--one night we had a weird combination of burritos, string beans, corn, and pizza--and they weren't as healthy as what we usually eat. Still, we ate. And we let go of the freezer-burned, unrecognizable stuff. Throwing out that old food reminded me again that our family has more than enough--and that we can give more this season to those who don't.

Consider letting go of grocery shopping and meal-making for a few days. Make some crazy combo meals from the freezer. Toss the icy mystery packages. Let go of the stuff you're never going to eat.

And while you're eating your beef-stew-prepackaged-taquito-banana-muffin family dinner, know that I love you. And you are not alone.