when your best kind of sucks

Recently, the nonprofit I lead sponsored a fundraising event. In the two hours leading up to the event, I managed to shatter our big, hand-painted donation bowl, get unreasonably frustrated that a situation didn't go the way I had asked, and rudely rush a Board member who had worked her butt off to help make this thing happen. She cried.

We were all fried from elections and event planning and holiday preparations and whatever we had going in our personal lives, and I was mortified that I didn't take good care of some of my team.

They were kind to me about it. They forgave me immediately--much faster than I forgave myself.

If you've fallen short in the way you wanted to be with others recently, know this: It's okay to accept forgiveness. Then you have forgiveness at the ready to offer someone who isn't their best self with you.

I love you, and you are not alone.