in celebration of grinning, hand-clapping, and joy

Today, we are at home, just the three of us together, and we are decorating our Christmas tree. There is apple cider and mulled wine and sausage dip and maybe some popcorn, too. Also, there are Christmas carols.

It's unanimous among the three of us that this is one of the most fun parts of our family's holiday season, and it is most certainly on our list--our Feels Like December list.

As of yesterday, when we drank hot tea snuggling on the couch, we have gotten to experience everything on our Feels Like Fall list at least once. Though Winter is still technically a few weeks away, it's feeling less like fall outside every day.

So we're making a fresh list for December. (It's actually titled Our Feels Like Christmas List, but if you don't celebrate Christmas, yours could be about Solstice or Hanukkah or year end.)

Making our Feels Like Christmas list, I'm excited. I'm grinning. And I may be clapping my hands a time or two.

As we, amid the crush and rush, feel some jewels of childlike anticipation and joy, I hope we can all let them glitter for a few moments before we hop off to the next to-do.

I love you. And you are not alone.