goodbye, beloved ideas. farewell, un-done projects.

There are a few big things that I had planned to complete in 2016 that I will not complete this year. 

I'm often caught between the kind of productivity-focused worldview that persuades me to take a look at how I spent my time, how I managed my goals, how I can do better next year--and a self-care worldview in which I did my best and what I've done is good enough. I bifurcate those two philosophies--both of which speak to me--and then I flip and flop between planning and re-planning the shit out of everything and letting life show me what the next best step might be.

It makes for a roller coaster ride in my own brain, and it can be wildly confusing for my partner.

When I write it down, though, I can see that these two come-froms are not mutually exclusive. They don't even have to be separate. 

I enjoy experimenting with how I spend my time. I am a strategist at heart. And also, I've learned the sweet, sweet feeling of letting go and saying, "Good enough, girl. Strong effort."

As you look at the un-done projects that are floating around you here at year end, consider calling some of them done enough. The big ones. And consider crossing off a few of those beloved project ideas that you don't love quite enough to carry with you into 2017. 

You may need to let go of some projects and ideas that were near and dear to you once upon a time to make space for the projects and ideas that are closest to your heart right now.

As you contemplate the mixed-up feeling of loss and relief that comes with letting go of an idea or a project you've had on the books for a long time, know that I love you. And you are not alone.