a beautiful time to let go

My husband and I kept saying to each other through the weeks leading up to Christmas: We've gotta get rid of some of this clutter before a new influx of stuff comes in the door. My clutter, his clutter, and oh my our kid's clutter.

We did not succeed.

We were both mightily disheartened seeing another layer of things spread out across the existing layer. And man, that's no way to appreciate the generosity of family and friends. And it's no way to be in a world where so many people don't have nearly enough.

It's not too late. This week is a beautiful time to let go. And next week is, too. This transition into the new year will give you some energy for jettisoning the stuff that's mucking up the works in your life--including the lovely and potentially useful stuff that someone else could be actively using right now.

It feels good to let go.

As I'm rooting through our closets and our shed, I'll be sending some love to you.

You are not alone.

PS: You can work with this almost new year energy if you're traveling, too. Scoot to a quiet place for 10 minutes and clean out your handbag or your laptop bag or your glove compartment.

. . .

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