seven lovely things about small gifts

1: As my first grade teacher, Mrs. Edwards, used to tell me, "The best things come in small packages."

2: They're easy to pack in your bag or your car or your suitcase when you go somewhere to give 'em.

3: They're easy for your friends and family to pack in their bags and cars and suitcases to take home.

4: They fit in a flat-rate USPS mailing box.

5: No one has to rearrange their shelves or cabinets or furniture to figure out where to put them once they're home.

6: They're almost always delightful, simply by being small.

7: They're easy to wrap, and they look so dang sweet under the tree.

If you're still procuring holiday gifts this week like I am, I love you. And you are not alone.

PS: That bag up there contains small Christmas gifts for four children and one grandma--plus birthday gifts for two kiddos. For scale, those are four-year-old feet beside that sack.

. . .

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