you got to talk

2016-1220 OBT_Blog Post_you got to talk_Photo.jpg

Years ago, on the night of his bachelor party, my now husband took a taxi home. He mentioned to the driver that he was getting married in a couple of days. An older fellow with decades of marriage under his belt, this driver had four words of advice, shouted out the window to his disembarking passenger: "You got to talk."

This morning, my husband and I argued. We pissed each other off big time. God, I was so mad at him. And he was so mad at me. And because the argument involved an interaction with our kiddo, we couldn't really hash it out in front of her. So we were silently furious.

About an hour later, after we had gone our separate ways with no small amount of frost, we talked about it. Mostly, we had been agitated about other things. Mostly, we weren't mad at each other. Mostly, we were in agreement. So we could let it go. Of course, we only knew that because we had talked about it.

The holidays can get a little crazy with potential stress coming from lots of different directions. And sometimes arguments do have to wait. I've got to circle back to them though, or I never really let them go. And the residue from too many of those ain't good.

"You got to talk."

If you find yourself in the middle of one of those fights today with someone you care about, know that I love you. And you are not alone.