send a signal to your brain

In the ten minutes since I sat down to write this, my brain has scrolled through at least 100 things unrelated to writing. Mostly, they're tasks for me to complete--work projects, something I promised to do for my mother-in-law, scheduling elementary school tours, something I need to order for Christmas now if we're going to get it in time.

I stopped. I got up. I shut the door to the room I am in. I put my phone on silent, and I put it in a drawer so I can't see it light up. I closed all the tabs and programs on my computer screen except Evernote.

And now I'm writing.

If you're distracted today, too, remember this: Turning things off, even when they're not actively pulling at you, sends a signal to your amazing brain to let go of that other stuff for a bit. Your brain will respond. It will be there for you.

I love you, and you are not alone.