this year, there's more

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This is not a normal year of work and family and art and holiday overwhelm in December. This year, there's more.

There are rallies and retweets and petitions. There is protest and advocacy and art. There are arrests. There are relief efforts.

There is so much scary and heart-rending happening to human beings that we might wonder whether it's even appropriate to celebrate with lights and food and presents and special holiday coffee.

We don't know whether we are prioritizing the right things, finding the right balance of action and joy, caring for self and caring for others, being in the present and protecting the future.

I read a book a long time ago that I'm trying to remember now. In it, there was a story about doing what you can to help a situation and then letting go of it. It was about giving deeply, without giving more than you can. The story was way better and clearer than that. I wish I could find it.

If you're struggling right now to know how and where to give deeply, without giving more than you can, you are not alone. I love you. I do know that.

. . .

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