underneath the medicine

Last week, our daughter had one of those crazy intense 24-hour viruses. We gave her Tylenol. She felt so much better for a while.

But we counted the hours wrong until the next dose, so when the meds had all worn off, we thought she still had two more hours until she could have more. Which means she had two hours of chills, spiked fever, and generally feeling like supercrap.

She was surprised. The Tylenol had fooled her into thinking she wasn't really that sick.

It's the same for grown-ups when we're sick. Underneath the medicine we take to get us through the workday or the rehearsal or the caregiving, our bodies are still trying to recover. They still need us to rest.

'Tis the season for colds and flus and viruses and phlegmy snotty germ infestations. If you're feeling run down, I love you. And you are allowed to rest. And you are not alone.