really doing what we're doing

Our daughter came with me to mail our holiday cards today. Because there are several mail slots available, we were able to park ourselves in front of one without annoying other would-be letter mailers.

And it's a good thing, too, because we read every name on every card as she put them in the mail slot. And for each, one she wanted to say whether she thought the card would travel on a plane or in a mail truck to get to our friends and family. When we read the names of her friends, her eyes would light up, so excited.

It was so much more fun than just chunking those suckers in the mailbox and moving on with my day. It actually felt like we were sending well wishes and happy cheer with those cards. Which is, ahem, the point after all.

I was reminded that the holidays are the best when I really do the thing I'm doing instead of just going through the motions.

If you are inclined to get down on your knees at the post office with your kiddo and spend 20 minutes doing a 90-second activity, if you're up for letting go of your grown-up busy-ness just a bit whether you have a child with you or not, if you are willing to imagine that you are sending magic and love in paper envelopes through the USPS, you are not alone.

And even if all of that makes you groan and roll your eyes, I love you.