what the world needs you to be

You are, perhaps, being the best parent you know how to be. Thank you for that. Parenting makes a difference in the world.

You are, likely, trying to be a loving daughter or son or sibling or friend. Thank you for that. Loving other people is good for this world.

You are, I'm guessing, leading a project or a team or an organization--even if you are not the leader in title. Thank you. The world needs lots of things that people can only accomplish in groups.

You are, quite possibly, celebrating or preparing to celebrate a winter holiday. I thank you for that, too, because I believe the world needs joyful celebrations.

You are, I suspect, creating something new in some way. Thank you for that because the world needs new ideas, new ways of seeing.

You are, maybe, taking action large or small to push back against myriad injustices unfolding right now. Thank you for that because sweetmercyholyshit the world needs people to stand up for love and decency.


You can't do any of those things very well or for very long if you are exhausted, sick, burnt out, in a mad scramble. Neither can I.

What if the world also needs you to stop for a moment and have a cup of tea today? Or get eight hours of sleep? Or take a short break from Facebook? Or take a shower?

Maybe, just maybe, the world also needs you to go for a walk. And come back, a bit renewed.

If you are trying so hard to be what you feel the world needs you to be, I love you. And you are not alone.