but I don't have 10 minutes a day

When I wrote in on comparing, competing, and creating about finding a tiny amount of time to create, I heard a rush of voices pinging around in my brain.

Voices from awesome, smart people saying things like...

Just 5 minutes of meditation every morning will change your life.  It takes just 10 minutes a week to write a quick note to someone we appreciate.  Just 30 minutes of cardio three times a week will make your heart stronger.  If you spend just 10 minutes at night setting out your clothes for the next day, your life will be a magical adventure through the clouds and you will be adored for your unique creativity around the world and your kid(s) will believe that you hung the stars and the moon and several planets, too!

Oh, man.

All those just [insert small number here] minutes add up.  I know because I've tried to make super complicated daily schedules for myself that include all those things plus more just-#-minutes life-changers, and unless you cut out bathing, eating, and taking your trash can to the curb, there is just not enough time to fit them all in.

We've got to choose.

And right now, in our lives, that might mean choosing between writing thank you cards and getting one workout in this week.  Between seeing a friend and getting the grocery shopping for the week done.  Between meditating and making the adjustment in Quickbooks before the Board meeting.  Between creative time and taking a shower today.

They're both important.

And because each thing takes just # minutes, it can feel that much worse when you don't get it done.  What's my problem?  Why can't I keep up?  I've got 24 emails that would only take two minutes each to respond to. 


Here's what I think about finding just # minutes for creativity in particular...

Almost all of us have it.  We can find it.  10 minutes a day.  Or 30 minutes a week.

But we have to choose to let something else go in order to get it.  

And I heard, resoundingly, when I posted this survey a few months ago that the thing creative-leader-mamas (and other lovely Teapot readers) have the hardest time prioritizing is creativity.

So if you want to prioritize creativity and you're not managing to right now, find the thing you're willing to let go in order to clear out a tiny but consistent amount of time every day or every week. Yes!  Do that.  You will feel better.

If you can't find something you're willing to let go of for a tiny, consistent bit of time, then you're just not going to prioritize creativity right now.

And I think that's okay.  It's really freakin' hard.  But it's okay.  You're still an amazing, interesting person.

If at some point, things shift and you do find something you're willing to let go, you can make a new choice.  And that's okay, too.

PS:  I deeply appreciate your messages, comments, and sharing related to the competing and comparing post.  It seems the articles I feel most nervous to publish are often the ones that make the strongest connections.  It's a great reminder for me about the value of vulnerability.  Thank you for that.