the woman who wonders {a person}

i wonder if she knows that i think of her.

that i remember the way she would take off her glasses and rub her eyes.

her excellent laugh at all sorts of regular funny things and unique funny things, too.

the way she wiggled her fingers

moved her hands through the air

when she talked.

i wonder if she knows that i'm curious about her life and her kids and her partner.

i think she has more than one kid.  i think that's right.

i wonder if she knows that if she called me right now and needed something that i would do it.

i would do it if i possibly could.

i don't call her.

we don't email.

we haven't seen each other in eight years or so.  maybe more.


i trust it, our connection.

and i hope she does, too.

I do some creative writing here like what you just read.  Bits and pieces of fact and fiction.  One small way to keep myself creating.