we've got some unfinished business to talk about

Completing reports, sending thank yous, taking the wrap-it-up action after the main event has passed:  the final step.  Urgh.  That stuff is all really elusive for me.

I'm either too exhausted from the push of the main event, already too knee-deep in whatever the next main event might be, or too mired in magical thinking to allow actual, real (read: necessary) time for that final step.

Last week, I shared a 90-second list of some of my almost-dones from last year (and years past!).  A comment on that post got me thinking, and the truth is, I would be mortified to list all of my almost-dones.  

Actually, I'm getting the sweats just thinking about it.  And even though I know that most of you also probably have a few embarrassing almost-dones to your name, I fear that I will be labeled unfit for life on Earth if I share my own.

This is, as my daughter would say, "not so good."

I've been thinking about the feeling of freedom lately.  And how I want more of that feeling in my life.

There are lots of things in the life of a creative-leader-mama that get framed as taking away our freedom:  children, partners, demands from a leadership commitment, demands from a creative commitment, taking care of a home or a yard or a vehicle, taking care of our parents...

But I'm not talking about freedom from these things.  I choose these things.  I mean freedom for these things--and freedom with these things.

Years ago, I read Karen Kingston's fabulous  Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, a small and hugely practical book that's mostly focused on letting go of tangible stuff.  There's a bit that's hung with me, whispering sweet nothings for a very long time.

When I opened the book just now to find the quote, it wasn't hard to find.  I had put a bookmark right at the page with the section titled "Unfinished Business."  Apparently, it's been waiting for me to find it again.

"This form of clutter is harder to see and easier to ignore than the other types, but its effects are far-reaching.  Anything unfinished in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms clutters your psyche. ...

Buttons that need sewing on, phone calls you need to make, relationships you need to move on from, and many other forms of loose ends in your life will hinder your progress if you do not deal with them.  Your subconscious mind will suppress these things nicely for you if you ask it to, but it takes a lot of your energy to do so.  You will be amazed at how your vitality levels soar if you complete all your unfinished business."

So.  I'm not sure what it will look like yet, but I want to turn some attention to this unfinished business from days gone by that's constricting our freedom in the here and now.  Sound good to y'all?