wherein i finish one of my almost-dones

This one wasn't on my 90-second list from last week.  But it's an almost-done that I'm excited to complete.

I want to let you all know how the Less Stress at Work in December Challenge went.  Because it's real swell to put something out there and work on it and all, but it's not really done until you take a look at the results.

Here's what happened for me:  

The successes...

1:  I worked on my Most Important Thing about 80% of the time in December.  I feel utterly sure that would not have happened if I hadn't committed to it so specifically.  A lot of important-looking stuff popped up trying to vie for attention.  But because of the Challenge commitment, most of the time I could remind myself that, important though it looked, it wasn't the most important thing.

2:  My Not-The-Most-Important-But-Still-Really-Important Thing #1 got done.  Not very well done, but well enough to be done.  

3:  I did delegate some things I've never delegated before.

4:  I was able to let go of work when I got home (mostly!).

And the challenges...

1:  My Important Thing #2 didn't get done at all.  So it's still lingering on my plate right now.

2:  I still got super-stressed the last few hours of the very last day.  That wasn't fun at all.  But I will say that having it only pop up in the last few hours of the very last day was a huge improvement over years past.

And here's what happened (in their own words) from a few of the daring folks who jumped in on that challenge with me:

1: "Most Important Thing got mostly done, with a lot of help.  Important Thing #1 got kinda started.  And I don't remember what Important Thing #2 was.  My stress level was probably lower than it otherwise would have been."--L

2:  "I don't know that I did very well focusing on one thing, but maybe that means I picked the wrong thing anyway (or need someone to delegate TO!).  It was nice, though, knowing there were kindred spirits out there, focusing, choosing, slowing down."--D

3:  "Thank you for inspiring me with this challenge!  The best thing I took out of it is that I made a list of things I REALLY needed to get done before Christmas, and I'm carrying that practice forward into my day-to-day work schedule."--A

4:  "I did it!  I got my Most Important Thing done--and mostly without stress.  And all that made a huge difference for me going back in early January."--A

So.  We cleared some space in December.  And that feels good.  It wasn't perfect.  But there was more space.

I'm going to be inviting you all to join me in a new challenge in a bit, and I was determined to clear the decks of the past challenge first, since that can be such a blind spot for me.

And I must say:  It feels good to actually, really, fully finish something.  Full stop.  No bits lingering.  Clean slate.

Is there anything you can tie a bow on by this time tomorrow?  Something that would give you a tiny bit of clear space?