how many almost-dones do you have?

It's a special time, the beginning of a new year.  I love the idea of a clean slate, the fresh start.

Alas, it's usually just an idea, though.  Because a truly clean slate would actually be, well, clean.  And so often our time and brainspace is already committed to things from way back in the last year or the year before or the decade before (not an exaggeration) that our slate is clogged up from the get-go.

That means by the time the end of January starts to peek around the corner (like now), we're toting around some old plans plus some new plans, and we can end up feeling even more overwhelmed than we did back in December.

Here are some partly-done things that I'm carrying around from sometime in the last 10 years.  I made this list of 10 in about 90 seconds, and some of the stuff is stuff I didn't even realize I had jamming around in my brain.  It's creativity, leadership, mama-dom, and everything-else-dom mixed up together, just like it tends to be in our noggins:

  • an overdue report
  • no, two overdue reports
  • thank you letters--for work and for family
  • tweaks to one broken teapot subscriber emails
  • editing for a play I'm co-writing
  • a mama-and-daughter-made fall banner (from 2013)
  • research for a specific local lineage for the play referenced above
  • changes to our bank accounts
  • a velcro-and-laminated photo board to help our daughter easily see what's happening each week (Aieee.)

Even the list-makers among us tend to have a pretty lengthy list of partly-dones, should-have-dones, gonna-try-and-squeeze-in-somewheres psychically weighing us down.  Stuff that's no longer making it onto the written lists but is still with us, holding our energy captive in a mostly quiet way.

You might try jotting down your 90-second list and looking these almost-dones squarely in the face again.  

Cross one of them off.

Yeah, I COULD save the mama-and-daughter-made fall banner from 2013 that's fabric-chosen, measured, cut, and prepped and only lacks sewing--and finish it with my girl for this fall.  But really, the initial inspiration has passed.  I'm letting it go.

Make one of them happen.

Those two overdue reports are actually still really important.  I'm scheduling them into my time in the next two weeks.

Get one of them on the calendar for later this year.

I'd still really like to do that photo board for our kiddo.  Our schedule alternates each week, and it's a bit patchwork, so I think the visual would be helpful to her.  But I don't need to carry that to-do around right now because I won't be fitting that project in right now.  So I'm going to actually put it on my calendar for March.  I think it will still help her then.

Okay, so that probably doesn't clear your entire almost-done slate.  But hopefully, it opens a tiny bit of space for each of us.

We deserve to free up that energy that's still sticking to almost-done endeavors.  Our new projects will thank us for it.