a purple mailbox full of thanks


Sundays will be a bit of a smorgasbord here at one broken teapot--much like they are at our house.

Today, I want to say thank you.

For those of you who have been reading along during this opening week for the new phase of my blogging, I'm grateful.  If you think it will add value to your life, you can click here to subscribe to the blog for free and get each new post in your inbox.

I'm looking forward to exploring more about the kind of minimalism that can include our crockpot and our purple mailbox.  The kind of minimalism that isn't just about stuff.

And with that, I'll hope to see you here tomorrow when we kick off a week of questioning the big stuff.

Each day this week, I've been touching on the kinds of things I'll be writing about here at one broken teapot.  If you think these explorations are interesting or helpful, you can subscribe to have my blog posts delivered to your inbox.  It's easy, and it's free.