are you stealing from your family? i did.

Late last year, I had the distressing realization that I was stealing from my family.  From my small daughter and from my awesome husband.

I had taken a big pay cut from my position at a larger nonprofit for the flexibility of a part-time position as Executive Director of a very small nonprofit arts organization.  I did it so that I could spend more time with my kiddo (and to get to lead a nonprofit arts organization!).

And then I realized that in order to do an amazing job, I needed to spend waaaaaay more than 20 hours a week working.  I don't like to do a just-okay job.  So I started cramming in time everywhere I could, spending 30, 40, and 50 hours a week working.  

I was doing pretty well at my job, but I was still making the same amount of money.  And I wasn't spending the time with my girl.  If I was going to do that, I could've stayed at that other job and had more in the bank.  I was essentially working an extra 20 hours a week for free.  That's me stealing.  From my family.

So I stopped.  And I started prioritizing at work like never before. And I started saying no like never before.  And I started applying the principles of minimalism to our nonprofit.

And you know what?  I'm doing a much better job leading my organization than I did when I was working extra for free.  It ain't perfect.  I still have way-too-late nights every once in a while.  I'm still learning.

I'll be writing about that here.  Read along, and tell me about your tiny business or nonprofit when you feel so moved.

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