i might have to let go of theatre

It's possible that there's no way to balance making theatre and being the mama of a young child.  For me, that is.

There are some ways of mama-ing that I'm not willing to compromise.  I don't want to be a mama to this particular child at this particular age without them.

There are some ways of theatre-making that I'm not willing to compromise.  I don't want to make theatre without them.

And since being the mama to this child is non-negotiable, the theatre-making is the thing that would have to go.  For now.

I'm hoping that I can find a way to do both.  If I can't, I know what won't be happening.  For now.

I'd be very sad about that, but one of the things I've learned in this simplicity work is that it is safe to question everything.  Even things we'd be sad to let go.  (And also, there's this:  not making theatre does not mean not being creative.)

You don't have the same child I do or the same spouse.  You don't have the same desires around your theatre-making--or whichever creative work you do.  So our answers on this journey likely won't be the same, either.  Awesome.  

Because no matter what your answers are, asking what really fits in your life and how it fits there can lead each of us to our unique workable, most fulfilling space.

Alright.  Now that I've acknowledged the option of letting theatre go for a while, I'm ready to explore the not-letting-it-go possibilities.  Onward.

This week, I'm exploring what happens when you admit the possibility that something big and important to you might need to go.
This post is part of an ongoing series on creativity.