the woman who fits it all in {a person}

she just said yes she can do it she'll fit it in it'll be tough but she'll make it work.

and now she is looking for a spot to put it.

she finds one

the last one

in her left elbow

jammed between wrapping holiday presents and writing a new job description for the position caroline will be leaving next week.

once again, she fits it all in.


meeting with investors is nestled in her shoulder right beside a long-overdue dentist appointment,

the parents group meetings are all divided up between her ribs,

and meal planning grocery shopping cooking packing lunches all things related to food food food occupy a lot of real estate in her thigh.

a return call to a crying friend is wrapped around her collarbone,

the photos she needs to hang for a little coffee shop exhibition are tapping on her spine,

and the niggling worry about getting a will done has taken up residence in her right heel.

her email inbox is in her fingers and her thumbs,

one compliment a day for her spouse is squished into her toes,

and all the things she meant to get to last week are chatting it up on the bleachers they constructed in her ass.  (apparently, they plan to be there for a while.)


once again, she fits it all in.

we watch her profound ability to do all the things.

we are astounded




quite frankly we are quietly and individually jealous.

honestly, each of us has an unhealthy relationship with her facebook feed.

truthfully, we feel like we don't quite measure up.

we don't notice how she sips at the air as if through a straw

a tiny bit in

a tiny bit out

barely noticeable.

we don't realize that when she fits packs jams crams it all in,



to leave



to breathe.

we don't notice that we've never heard her laugh.

really laugh.

let loose with a big gulping cascade that fills the room and bounces off the walls and lasts for a  good long time.

shit, man.  we've never heard her laugh like that.

a giggle, a twitter, a bit of sarcastic ha-ha-ha, sure.


nothing wide or joyful or bring-you-to-tears and make-you-wish-you'd-done-more-kegels.

to really laugh, she would have to really breathe.

and to really breathe, this amazing woman would need give herself some space.