you have plenty of time to have a beautiful end to 2014

Maybe your week has gone something like mine: Childcare needed rearranging on two different days, I'm wearing big band-aids on my mouth because I have cold sores and our kiddo likes to touch my lips, I missed a meeting that I forgot to mark on my calendar, and our daughter seems to be in a several-day-long stretch of having one heck of a time getting to sleep and staying that way.  

Maybe yours has been more challenging.  Or maybe even way more challenging.

Maybe you, too, are trying to get things in the mail, fit in end-of-year appointments, get a bit of work done, prepare for house-guests or travel, plan menus, and generally be merry and bright.

Maybe you, too, had a moment this week where you thought:  This sucks.  I give up.  The holidays will just have to be crappy this year.

Or maybe for you it was a little different.  Something like:  We've already had two school holiday shows, one long work party, three gatherings of friends, caroling, Santa-train-riding, and a Christmas Cantata.  Fun, I guess, but this feels insane, and it's going to keep being insane, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Or maybe:  2014 is a lost cause.  I've just got to get through it, and then I can try again in January.

I hear you.

And I want to tell you the same thing I told myself last night while I held my almost-three-year-old "like when I was a little baby, Mama" so she could finally get to sleep:

You still have plenty of time to have a beautiful end to 2014.  But if you want that, you'll need to let some things go.  And most of those things can be filed under "Expectations."

"Let more go?" you ask.

I know.  My family and I already let go four gatherings we would have loved to attend, seeing part of our family at Christmastime, and having a holiday party at our home this year.

But sometimes it's a process.  And things happen that you didn't plan for.  Pretty much always.

So I'm adding these things to my letting-it-go-for-December-2014 list:  planning everything out (which I really like to do), posting to this blog in any set pattern, mailing gifts in time for Christmas Day, and de-cluttering the guest closet that has crept back into clutter-mode before family arrives to stay.

And also, I'm letting go the subconscious requirement that I feel any specific way except present.

In case you need it, I'd love to gift you with a little mid-December reminder that you can celebrate right now.  That you are celebrating right now.  

This is it, my friend.  Whether it's merry and bright or puffy-eyed and half-baked.  

And whichever it is, you can still have a beautiful end to 2014.