the woman whose child does not say thank you {a person}

she has one scarf, one pair of gloves, and one toboggan.  suitable.

she owns a second-hand, slightly worn chair that is extremely comfortable and fits her perfectly.  adequate.

she went on vacation this year and got to do amazingly fun things with her children and her spouse.  ample.

she keeps 7 pots of varying sizes--plus one crockpot and two cast iron pans.  a gracious plenty.

she opens their refrigerator packed with healthy food that she and her family chose themselves.  bountiful.

and yet.  she does not insist that her young child say "thank you" at the expected times.  

it can be


in social situations.

but i see her holding tight to the hope that her child will learn to experience gratitude in his heart first and then express it with his words.

she wonders if she can model gratitude for him.

she wonders if she is communicating in big and small ways how much she appreciates this life.

she wonders if she is expressing appreciation for the fact that they have