girl, you better drink that water or else

i didn't really forget about drinking water.  i just don't like to drink it.  water doesn't feel fun.

coca-cola used to feel fun.  until the caffeine freaked my body out.  and after that, sprite felt fun.  until an acupuncturist told me to stop inundating myself with chemicals and sugary beverages.  and now juice feels fun.  except that even though i mostly buy organic, non-chemicalized juice, it's still pretty sugary because it's still juice.

and also:  we're spending way too much money on juice.

so i knew i needed to get back to water.  i drank a ton of water when i was pregnant, but growing a tiny human inside you is big-time motivation, and i don't have that particular motivation now.

and then i read this.

so i've been trying it:  precommitting by having a less-than-pleasant consequence for myself if i don't do the habit i'm trying to adopt.  i made the pact out-loud with my husband so that I couldn't weasel myself out of it in my own mind.  if i don't make it to eight glasses on any given day this week, i can't drink anything BUT water the next day.

it's been five days so far.  and, lo and behold, i've hit eight every single time.  and it's even starting to kind of, sort of, feel fun.  interesting.