right now (we are not in mexico)

right now, our daughter is sleeping that beautiful, give-it-all-up, trust-filled sleep.  pink cheeks.  sweaty hair.  slight snore from her slightly stuffy nose.  right now.

a few days ago, we celebrated her first birthday.  we had intended to be doing that celebrating in mexico, on a much-anticipated trip full of sun and water and cocktails and extended family.  instead, my poor husband is recovering from emergency surgery and a painful 9-day hospital stay.

in the past couple of weeks, i've done my fair share of we were supposed to be..., we had planned to..., we should be..., this sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks.  but you know who had no idea what we were "supposed to be" doing?  our daughter.  she only knew what we were actually doing, right then, in any given moment.  it was a mighty example she set.  sometimes i was able to follow her lead:

right now, i'm nursing my funny, smiley, exhausted daughter to sleep in the hospital parking deck.

right now, i'm holding my husband's hand.

right now, a good friend is standing and laughing with me in the cold, while she helps me when i really do need some help.

right now, i'm talking on the phone to a nice person with a squeaky voice who works for an airline.

right now, my newly one-year-old daughter is tasting a raspberry for the first time in her birthday "fruitcake."

in the year since she has been born, this small person has taught me many things, but one of the best things i am still and always learning from her is right now.  what is happening in your right now?