we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this...

holy moly.  yesterday was my one-hundredth post.

thank you so very much for reading, y'all.  and for commenting with your good thoughts and unique experiences.  no one seems to have time to spare these days, so the idea that you're choosing to spend some of your precious time with me in this way is a great gift.

in celebration of 100 posts, i looked back to see which ones have been the most read so far, which have generated the most comments, and which ones are just extra-special to me.

here are five of the most popular, in case you missed 'em.
and here are five that maybe not as many folks read or i just feel extra-strongly about, so i'm putting them back out there.
and finally:  i really do love to hear your thoughts, so click the boxes below the posts or leave a comment if you are so moved.  a couple of folks have asked if it's okay to share posts on facebook or twitter.  the answer is yes.  go for it.  i'm absolutely grateful and flattered and honored when you share a post that's particularly interesting to you.

with love and appreciation,