when you're disappointed

these are some of the things i do when i am very disappointed about something:

  1. stare blankly
  2. inhale once through my nose in a loud way and exhale silently
  3. say, "well."
  4. stay very quiet for a long time
  5. take a shower
  6. go to sleep at a strange time of day
  7. think about what would happen if i fell and broke my arm right then
  8. swear intermittently over the course of several hours
  9. cry
  10. blame myself
  11. blame other people
  12. decide to cancel my plans and stay home
  13. try to figure out how i would write down the roaring in my head in syllables
  14. compare myself to other people
  15. list all the things on the planet i currently find disappointing
  16. ask my dad (who passed away 10 years ago) why this happened
  17. think about exercising
  18. say out loud that something better is coming
  19. smoosh my face into my husband's shirt
  20. open the refrigerator door over and over and over again
these are things i do at home, in private (or mostly private).  i don't know what anyone else does when they're very disappointed because they are also at home, in private.  but i'd like to know.  i'd like to know for character research and because i like lists and because other people's habits are really super interesting to me.

so.  i'm curious:  what do you do when you're very disappointed about something?  (don't forget: you can leave a comment as "anonymous" if you don't want your name attached.)