lemme tell you

in the voice of a character, patty

oh yeah have the brownie it's awesome.
and do you know where you're going for dinner?
lemme tell you:  there is a restaurant
down by highway twelve
that will
socks off.
i had to be rolled outta that one, lemme tell you.
but you know what?
you don't wanna go there tonight.
they don't have tvs there and you won't be able to watch the gymnastics.
don't tell me but i bet you probably love the gymnastics, right?
you look like you would watch the gymnastics and you know i do too.
i watch them girls flippin' around on the mat and on that balanced beam and on the vault and all.
it scares the life outta me when they go on the balanced beam but it's like i can't stop watching.
so don't go down by highway twelve tonight;
go to john's instead.
john's always has the tvs on and you can see 'em from all directions.
and when those little ones are on the balanced beam, you hold your breath.
that's what i do.
i just hold my breath and lemme tell you i hope they don't land on their privates if they fall.
okay, you all take care now.
very good talking to you.
you're nice people.