a kind man
he is a just a very kind man.
knotted fingers younger than they look
from years of building things at work building things at home fixing things at other people's houses and under other people's cars
because he is a kind man.
he speaks
he doesn't pause between his words but he doesn't rush them out of this mouth either.
he doesn't feel that what he has to say is the most important thing to say
so if it doesn't get said then that's okay.
for him
there is no such thing as running out of time.
there is just
he is one of those rare people
who really notices the weather
every day.
he takes it in
acknowledges it
in some way he communicates with it.
his brother has watched him do this for years
and believes that this intimacy
this frank communion
with the weather is the reason he is so
and so kind.