i love

installment seven || durham whole foods

durham whole foods, i love you

because every time i visit, i run into friends, and that kind of makes grocery shopping feel like a social outing instead of a chore.

because your fish counter never smells fishy.

because you have so many gluten-free products that my non-gluten-free husband actually likes to eat, too.

because your baggers offer to take my bags to my car when i have a lot of groceries and a fusspot baby to balance.

because you hire local musicians to play your porch in the summer.

because of quinoa pasta, cranberry-peach juice, chlorine-free baby wipes, charley's soap, almond milk, and nitrate-free cold cuts.

because you have machines that let me grind my own coffee and peanut butter, and that feels fun.

because if i look vaguely confused in your aisles, someone asks me if i need help within 90 seconds every dang time.

because the guys at your butcher counter are awesome (and they hold the keys to the applewood smoked bacon kingdom).