i love

installment six || bull city burger and brewery

bull city burger and brewery, i love you

because you do a few things very, very, very well instead of doing a whole lot of things in a basically passable way.

because the people who work for you are friendly in a non-annoying way, and they wear a staff shirt, but it's not stupid or embarrassing.

because you are run by seth, who is brilliant at marketing you in an astonishingly smart and fun fashion with stuff like golden bull scavenger hunts, a rope and pulley system for collateral on a beer tower, and a glowing red light when the house-made pretzels are ready.

because you have gluten-free hamburger and hotdog buns, and after years of eating burger-no-bun-please, this makes me all teary and emotional.

because--holy moly--not only is there a changing table in your women's restroom, but there's one in your men's room, too.  whoa.

because your green monster burger is incredible, and it isn't full of hormones or antibiotics, so i kind of feel like it's healthy.

because even though i can't drink your beer (my husband tells me it's pretty stellar), i do get great satisfaction out of a soda machine that doesn't spew high fructose corn syrup and ice water in mason jars.

because y'all are obsessed with house-made, and house-made is where it's at.