i love

installment four || nanataco

nanataco, i love you

because mauro and the rest of the crew always put our baby's name on the ticket to be called out when our food is ready.

because even the inside seating feels like it's partly outside and for some reason that makes us feel like we're on vacation--even if it's just for an hour.

because you make the only chicken mole i've ever enjoyed eating.

because, thanks to your salsa bar, i can put as much cilantro on my meal as i want--which is basically enough to cover a football field 1.732 times.

because--speaking of that salsa bar--you offer me radishes, which i put on my tacos in fond remembrance of one of our past favorite places, taqueria lopez (now closed).

because stopping to pick up one of your vanilla milkshakes and then sharing it as we walk with our daughter around our neighborhood on an early summer evening...it doesn't get much better than that.