a place called lobby

"it was hiLARious."
"it was FABulous."
"it was aMAZing."
heady praise bounces off leather couch cushions and collides with out-on-the-town jewelry and neckties.
clinkety clink cheers
clinkety clink couldn't have done it withouts
clinkety clink thank yous
clinkety clinkety clinkety glug glug glug
fuzzy champagne smiles swim around in a warm, perfume-y soup
high heels on concrete floors counterpoint hot staccato lady laughter
and the men shake hands and do their rooster dances mostly in the corners.
green plants, popped up and fresh from their morning watering, 
stand guard in front of power strips,
can lights,
and a forgotten pair of scissors that the box office staff was looking for all afternoon.
bathroom doors, swooshing open and shut,
secret away the looking-in-the-mirror faces,
the bra adjustments,
the nose-pickings,
the clandestine text messages that aren't appropriate for public consumption.
exit signs, with their red glow and honest lettering,
peer down to bear witness to the enthusiastic tangle of women and men
giddy at having come together
to affirm their humanity
by watching it play out on stage.