what s/he wrote

recently, amanda soule wrote this blog post titled out to pasture.

now, i'll admit, i often read the soulemama blog with not a small amount of envy over the soule family's seemingly ideal life.  creativity and family and nature and handmade everything and so much love: it's easy to feel like i'm eating a big piece of jealous pie.  but.  soulemama has worked hard to prioritize these things in her life, and i was absolutely reminded of that when i read this post.

she and her family realized a big, awesome, dreamy project together because they didn't just dream about it.  as she says, it's been a "great focus of our time these past (almost two!) years."

they've been working toward it, in a daily kind of way, bit by bit, for a looooong time.  they didn't get distracted away from it for too long.  they didn't give up a quarter of the way through and say it was too hard.  they didn't try to do it all at once or all by themselves and burn out.  and now they have something so cool.

and me?  yes, i'm the girl who wrote a 30-page term paper, complete with extensive research, in a single night my senior year of college.  but i'm also the girl who likes to rehearse new plays five days a week for eight weeks straight.  and i'm the girl who is learning that bit by bit might just work better in other parts of my life, too.

i'm curious:  are there projects--big or small--that you've made happen the bit-by-bit way?