in the voice of jenni, a new character:

okay, listen.  
yes:  that guy was a raging asshole the first time i met him.
he got so mad at me his face turned all red and he had to go in the other room and throw stuff around just so he didn't punch me.
and i'm a girl.
and he's not the kinda guy who punches girls.
but he wanted to punch me.
he really did.

but then, y'know, this time when i saw him he was really nice and stuff.
he was telling me all about his grandkids and how crazy in love with them he is and that always just makes me all mushy, y'know, when those really macho dudes start talking about their grandkids.
he doesn't really look old enough to have grandkids, but i guess he is.

anyway, i think you should talk to him.
he's single but he likes kids and he's pretty cute when he smiles and he doesn't punch girls.
even when he's really mad at them.
you need somebody who doesn't punch girls.
it's been a really long time since you've been with somebody like that.