a place called roadside

he sits down
the back of his mind noticing how his waistband chafes the roll of fat at his belly
scratching his wrist
and looking for bugs
probably he sat on an anthill or something
probably he'll get all bitten up
he doesn't know how to do nature
the cars are faster than he expects
when he is sitting still
he watches the way they rock the mazda as they rush by
the mazda seems insignificant next to the highway like that
for the millionth time he wishes it were a different color
he has never liked burgundy cars
he lies back in the grass and sits back up again
and now his back is itchy
the combination of grass and asphalt reminds him
of shopping with his mother for back to school clothes
when he was a kid
and she would take him to kmart and woolworth's and rose's
and he would get bored and ask for an icee
he looks down the road and sees
that the sunset is a very bright pink
which he loves
he smashes the bug on his knee
and her car pulls over to the side of the highway just past the mazda
he lumbers up
and waves to her to climb over and get out on the passenger side
this woman is the best thing that ever happened to him
and he wants to keep her in one piece