i love

installment three || wednesdays at the durham farmers' market

wednesdays at the durham farmers' market, i love you

because you sold me the best blueberries i have ever tasted in my whole life.

because you help small, local farmers earn a living, and--having grown up with a family farm--i am a very big fan of small, local farmers.

because you don't sell anything with ingredients that i don't recognize as food.

because while i peruse the produce, i run into so many awesome people i know and don't see often enough.

because i don't feel judged when i visit, even though i only buy a little of our food each week from you and i usually forget to bring my own bag.

because i pay cash for my fruit and veggies and eggs, which is not something i do very often and feels strangely real and good to me now.

because i can only buy what's in season, so i'm not even tempted to reach for the tomatoes in may--and i know my tomato and mayonnaise sandwich will be unbelievable in august.

because you are the place where i spread my quilt out on the grass with a beloved little gang of new mamas (and a few papas) like me, munch on strawberries and pea pods, feed my baby, and swap stories about the way life is now.