i love

installment two  ||  geer street garden

geer street garden, i love you

because you are a place where i don't feel like an asshole bringing my 4-month-old but where i can also see my friends who are still rocking the kid-free life.

because you have that awesome panel of old doors that makes the entrance to the bathrooms feel just a little more private.

because you have gluten-free bread back there in case i want a pimiento cheese sandwich.

because sitting outside feels like i'm at a fun party where i can just hang out with the people i came with or i can meet some cool new people for a few minutes, too.

because your hot wings are delicious, and i am a sucker for hot wings.

because the people who work at your place are just nice.  and helpful.  and they fill up the water glasses really often.

because of srirachanaise.